Healthy Food Post Health and Nutrition 11 Best Healthy Foods Forever

11 Best Healthy Foods Forever

11 Best Healthy Foods Forever

11 best healthy foods forever

This topic contains 11 best healthy foods forever/ Best Healthy Foods, which are most available, cost-effective, contains high food value and prevent various health problems. Best healthy foods are-

1. Honey:

Honey Image

  1. Wound Healing Quickly.
  2. Good alternative of Sugars.
  3. Huge role in weight loss.
  4. Increase athletic performance.
  5. Maintain Blood sugar levels.
  6. Best source of Nutrition and Energy.
  7. Antiseptic and anti-oxidant properties.
  8. Helps to nourish skin.
  9. Improves digestion.
  10. Treats coughs.

2. Black seeds:

Black cumin’s/Black seeds

  1. Bronchodilator effects.
  2. Protects- Kidney, Liver.
  3. Natural pain killer.
  4. Insulin sensitizing effects-Helps to control blood sugar.
  5. Leukotriene antagonist- protects from asthma and coughs.
  6. Good anti-oxidants- prevents aging.
  7. Kills micro-organism- Bacteria, Fungus, Virus.
  8. Anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer effects.
  9. Fights cancer.
  10. Boosts immune systems

3. Milk :

Glass of milk

  1. Best source of Calcium-ensure strong bone, teeth and muscles.
  2. Boost metabolisms.
  3. Rich in anti-oxidant activities-keep healthy skin.
  4. Reduce muscle and joint pain.
  5. Prevents cancer and heart diseases.
  6. Prevents muscular degenerations and cataracts.
  7. Keeps healthy weight and smart body shape.
  8. Best source of protein.
  9. Helps for digestion.
  10. Probiotic- ensures healthy body immunity.
4. Dates:

Fresh dates

  1. Heart- Reduce the risk of heart diseases and other health related diseases.
  2. Weight Loss- Reduces weight significantly, dieting with cucumbers.
  3. Bone health- Minerals presents strengthen the bones.
  4. Allergies- Presence of organic sulfur reduces allergic reactions.
  5. Nervous systems- Boost the nervous systems.
  6. Cancer- Prevents abdominal cancers and cure intestinal disorders.
  7. Digestion- Ensures healthy bowel movements and control diarrhea.
  8. Energy- Boost energy for anemic patients and increases sexual stamina.
  9. Vision- Reduces night blindness.
  10. Hangovers- Helps in sobering up quickly.
5. Olive:-

Olive and olive oil

  1. Prevents cancer and heart diseases.
  2. Reduces frequency of allergic reactions.
  3. Aids in digestion and weight loss.
  4. Improves blood circulations.
  5. Relief pain of arthritis and gout.
  6. Reduces the risk of bone loss and osteoporosis.
  7. Improves eye health.
  8. Improves hair and skin health.
  9. Good source of iron.
  10. Lowers cholesterol levels.

6. Garlic :


  1. Reduces high cholesterol levels.
  2. Helps to cure hypertensions.
  3. Treats cough and cold.
  4. Provides relief from acne and asthma.
  5. Beneficial in digestion.
  6. Curing ear aches.
  7. Blood clot activators.
  8. Rejuvenates skin.
  9. Reliefs stress and fatigues.
  10. Cures respiratory problems.

7. Cucumbers:


  1. Aids in weight loss.
  2. Fights cancers.
  3. Cures diabetes.
  4. Control blood pressure.
  5. High silica content for silky hair.
  6. Reduces cholesterols.
  7. Promotes digestion.
  8. Prevents headaches.
  9. Remineralizes the body and rehydrates.
  10. Reduces swelling around the eyes.

8. Tomato:

Green and ripe tomato

  1. Prevents cancer.
  2. Good for healthy skin.
  3. Improves vision.
  4. Reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  5. Good for hair.
  6. Maintain blood sugar balance.
  7. Keeps the digestive systems in tracts.
  8. Great source of nutrition and Vitamins.
  9. Helps quit smoking.
  10. Power house of anti-oxidants.

9. Lemon:


  1. Reduces High Blood pressure.
  2. Get relief from cold and fever.
  3. Stops internal bleeding and nose bleeding.
  4. Store house of Vitamin C.
  5. Prevent scurvy and heals wound quickly.
  6. Prevents pain of sunburn and bee stings.
  7. Help to reduce weight with hot water in empty stomach.
  8. Skin- Helps fads scars and remove wrinkles and blackheads.
  9. Treats rheumatism and arthritis.
  10. Cure indigestion and constipation.

10. Orange:


  1. Prevents cancer.
  2. Fight against viral fever.
  3. Keep bone and teeth strong.
  4. Good for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  5. Good for kidneys.
  6. Take care of heart.
  7. Helps for wound healing.
  8. Best source of Vitamin C.
  9. Helps regulate high blood pressure.
  10. Improves blood circulations and eliminate bad breathe.

11. Banana:


  1. Provides anti-diarrheal activity- Green banana.
  2. Reduce the risk of stroke.
  3. Provides instant energy.
  4. Fight against infections.
  5. Fight obesity.
  6. Lower blood pressure.
  7. Prevents age related macular degenerations.
  8. Help maintain regular heartbeat.
  9. Protects skin against damage from UV-light.
  10. Suppress Oxalate kidney stones.



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